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            Popular search: MR95、MR85
            Popular searchMR95 、MR85?
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            Bearing products
            Four advantages of our products and the cornerstone of your cooperation
            Four advantages
            Introduce advanced equipment
            Introduce advanced equipment, pay attention to quality
            Introduce advanced production equipment from Taiwan with leading technology. All products pass ISO quality management system standards and survive by quality
            R & D expenses
            Annual surplus of 20%, as RD expenses
            Strong strength and reaction speed
            Have a strong strength and reaction speed
            45 years of industry experience
            More than 45 years of industry experience
            The bearing manufacturer, which integrates production, R & D, sales and service, covers a large area and has a professional team of more than 450 people. It takes technological innovation as its life and strives for survival with quality;
            The professional technical R & D team with high quality and new ideas has introduced advanced testing equipment to ensure that the product is tested correctly
            Our 30 commitment: purchase our main products, return or exchange goods unconditionally within 30 days,
            Our 12 commitments: when you put forward the after-sales service requirements, Yongxing will provide services to the factory within 12 working hours.
            Walk into us
            Kunshan Yirong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd
            TTN Young Sing Bearings, through innovative research and development, commercial character, professional manufacturing, full quality control, and pasting services, help customers and users to operate safely. (TTN=Trust Turning) is the first company with the largest market share of bearings on both sides of the strait. Established in 1976, when Taiwan’s economy is preparing to take off, it is a Taiwanese manufacturer that specializes in designing and producing bearings. For decades, we have focused on sticking to our original principles and consistently operating bearings, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry and technological progress.
            Yirong bearing is a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of bearings, and provides overall solutions for bearings
            News and information
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